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Hadid Tunas Bangsawan, Lukman Hanafi, Deny Suryana


In this study, a supply voltage at peak breaker is made to do the plug discharge test. Plug discharge (capacitor residual voltage)  testing on IEC 60335-1 is a challenge for engineers. Requirement for the test are disconnecting supply voltage from the Equipment Under Testing (EUT) at its peak value. Most laboratory did this test manually, so the test might be carried out repeatedly so that the requirement is obtained. This system is using zero crossing detector and timer for detect the peak waave. The zero crossing detector circuit find the time when the voltage cross the 0 volt as the initial reference for termination. Microcontroller with Timer feature is used to delay the disconnection time from the 0 volt point or a quarter period of the power line. Relays are used as voltage breakers. From the experiments, it is necessary to add a compensation time due to the relay response time so that the system could do the supply voltage break at it’s peak wave. This system works properly with error 1.6% and with this means plug discharge testing could be finished in only one trial.

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