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Adindra Vickar Ega, R.Rudi Anggoro Samodro


To provide calibration services for pressure measuring devices, SNSU-BSN has several piston-cylinder standard that may traceable to different National Metrology Institute (NMIs). Non-full range calibration of pressure balance has been performed to evaluate the consistency of calibration results between those standard, especially for establishing self-traceability in the future. In this research, a piston-cylinder unit S/N 1926 with medium pressure range of 1750 kPa, was calibrated with low pressure range S/N 978 of 350 kPa and high pressure range S/N 1054 of 7000 kPa. The calibration was performed with cross-float method to evaluate the effective area of piston-cylinder at null pressure and reference temperature of 20⁰C (A0,20) and distortion coefficient (λ) as the 1926 main parameters. The obtained value, respectively are (1.961 166 × 10-4 ± 4.4 × 10-9) m2 and (-1.67 × 10-12 ± 9.4 × 10-13) Pa-1 from 978 and (1.961166 × 10-4 ± 5.1 × 10-9) m2 and (-1.58 × 10-12 ± 8.4 × 10-13) Pa-1 from 1054. The result of 1926 from both methods shows good conformity with Normalized Error (En) of 0.0007 and 0.069, respectively. Linearity of effective area changes to the pressure is very consistent in both low and high pressure range. Validation results by using PTB-Germany results, shows the relative different for A0 and λ obtained are less than 0,1 × 10-6 and 6%,respectively. Therefore, the pneumatic pressure balance of SNSU-BSN is traceable, consistent with each other and capable for disseminating the pressure unit along all primary pressure standard owned with high agreement compared to those of other advance NMIs.


consistency between standard, non-full range calibration, pneumatic, pressure balance

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.31153/js.v21i3.774


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