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Eddy Herjanto, Ellia Kristiningrum


Many incidents have caused a big loss and death, due to either by nature or human interference. In order to reduce the loss, it is needed to develop references or guides, i.e. standards. The International Organization for
Standardization (ISO), as a world organization on standardization, has paid enough attention to standards on security, as have been reflected in the use of security aspects as the main topic on 2005 ISO General Assembly. The purpose of this study is to know the development of international standards in the field of security as well as the development and the implementation of Indonesian national standards. The result of this study shows the importance to encourage the formulation of SNI in the field of security. This can be done by, among others, adoption to internasional standards, as well as the need to identify security standards priorities to be developed by the Technical Committees concerned.


standard, security, technical committee

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