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Pengendalian aflatoksin pada pascapanen jagung melalui penerapan HACCP

Miskiyah Miskiyah, Widaningrum Widaningrum


In order to support the self-sufficiency of corn, aflatoxin control system in the supply chains have to be very important attention. Good handling and drying will make longer storage life of corn. Also scheduling in cultivation system, handling, storage and distribution are very important in order to fulfill the need of corn along the year either for food or feed. Due to its problems, the research is conducted on Creating HACCP guidance on handling and storage with follow the Guidance of Compilation Plan HACCP (BSN-Pedoman 1004-1999). Identification of critical point dealing with contamination on corn from harvesting until storage has been conducted. The processing step which is critical on post harvest of corn such as harvesting moment (CCP1), grading (CCP 2), drying moment (CCP3), grading of quality (CCP 4) and storage moment (CCP 5). On the steps above, it needed extra control from the farmer and the seller for controlling the quality of corn in order to avoid the physical contaminant, chemist and microbiology such as fungi and insect which can produce aflatoxins, so it can reduce the weight of corn that is very harming.


handling, aflatoksin, corn, HACCP

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.31153/js.v10i1.2


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